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Mainline: Lined Main Tap

The LMT™ (Lined Main Tap) Saddle Installation System is engineered to connect a lateral sewer service pipe to a liner inside a rehabilitated mainline.

The LMK Saddle Installation System is designed to connect a lateral sewer service pipe directly to a mainline pipe. 

    • The saddle is sized to surround the liner or pipe beyond the spring line, which creates a clamping effect that draws the saddle firmly on to the liner or the pipe. 

    • The universal LMK Adhesive bonds the saddle to the liner or host pipe, providing a flexible non‐leaking main/ lateral connection. A special two part adhesive is available for HDPE liners/pipes.

    • The saddle is compatible with CIPP and fold and form liners.

    • The saddle is also compatible with a variety of pipes including cast iron, clay, concrete, PVC and HDPE.

    • A variety of saddle sizes are available ‐ for pipes ranging from 6 inch to 24 inch.

    • Many saddle sizes are stocked but not all; contact LMK customer service for availability.

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