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Lapel Liner for Large Diameter Pipes

Key Features:

LMK’s Lapel Liner for Large Diameter Pipes is the trenchless solution for rehabilitating the main-to-lateral connection in lined or unlined large diameter main pipelines via man entry. The end result is a one-piece structural lateral lining and sealed connection to the main. A compression gasket is incorporated, and the connection liner is mechanically anchored with a stainless steel compression ring. This means that the liner does not depend upon adherence to stay in place, allowing for a verifiable non-leaking connection with all mainline pipe types.

    • Patent-pending technology creates a water-tight connection between the CIPP lining or the original host pipe

    • Stainless steel compression ring is fastened to the main pipe to create a one-piece lateral lining and sealed connection

    • Insignia Gasket Sealing Technology prevents water from re-entering the pipe

    • Main line diameters from 27 inches to 60 inches with lateral diameters from 4 inches to 24 inches

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