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Schwalm Robotic Systems


The most powerful and versatile sewer robot in America.

Schwalm Robotics

Schwalm Robotics

Robotic Inspection

schwalm robotics
  • On-Board Tilt Camera
  • Self-Cleaning Lens
  • High Resolution CCD Camera
  • Water-Powered Camera Cleaning System
  • Powerful LED Lighting
schwalm robotics schwalm robotics

Robotic Cutting & Grinding

  • Self-Propelled Cutter
  • Powerful Grinding/Cutting Tool
  • Fast CIPP Service Reinstatement
  • Chisel for Removal of Concrete in Pipelines
  • Inserts / Removes Mechanical Plugs Up into Lateral Pipes
  • 360 Degree Cutting Function
  • Cuts Through CIPP Lifts or Turn-backs
  • Reaches Far Up into Lateral to Remove Resin Slugs
  • Only One Manhole Access Required
schwalm robotics

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