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Equipment: Lateral Steamer


LMK partnered with Alkota a couple of years ago to develop a portable steamer in response to a growing need to install and cure LMK’s Performance Liner® quickly and effectively. This new equipment is used to steam cure lateral liners in as fast as 30 minutes, cutting curing time by 75% when compared to an ambient cure system. This advance in equipment will substantially enhance production time while allowing installers a longer working time. This portable steamer has been tailored for lining through a cleanout to include a pneumatic cart and a finely tuned control panel.


New modifications to the lateral inversion tank have been made to accommodate this new equipment. The cart is easily maneuvered into small areas. The unit produces dry steam that is fed into LMK’s lateral launch tank through the camera port. The steam is exhausted through the end of the bladder, allowing any condensation formed in the bladder to be discharged into the main pipe.

Equipment: Power Cure Mini

soft cleanout shoe

Increase your crew’s productivity three-fold with LMK’s new PowerCureTM mini steam cure unit. PowerCureTM mini is portable and powerful. Don’t waste any more time waiting for liners to cure. With this small add on, the installer can cure liners in under an hour. PowerCureTM mini can be maneuvered into small areas where boiler trucks and other large equipment would be impractical. PowerCureTM mini is compatible with all types of CIPP linings and thermoset resins.

- Diesel-fired power burner.
- Dry steam/water separator for superior steam performance.
- Ultra portable design engineered for tight spaces.
- Remotely integrated air/steam regulator.
- Voltage: 110 Volt, 30 AMP | Compressor: 70 CFM at 100 psi

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