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LMK Cleanout Rig

The portable Golf Cart Clean-out Rig is custom designed offering a turn key self contained Rig, ready to perform all necessary functions at the clean-out.


Cleanout Rig


Clean-out Rig is outfitted with the following:

• 6-gallon stainless steel industrial wet-vac and hose
• 2,000 watt Honda® generator
• Custom aluminum tool box which covers the floor of the dump box
• Halogen work lights
• Twin Amber emergency/construction light
• Electric air compressor with 1/4" x 50' auto retract hose reel
• Lateral camera mounting area
• Tool Box Mounted
• Clean-out (wheel style) Push plug (4-6 inch) with hose and regulator assembly
• Clean-out 4” Steam “B” Station with hose and regulator assembly
• Clean-out 6” Steam “B” Station with hose and regulator assembly
• Full Sunlight viewable color monitor in a portable protective enclosure
• 50' extension cord
• Digital Thermometer Gun
• Starting supply of color tape and 100' soft tape
• Fire extinguisher
• First Aid Kit
• Eye wash bottle

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